Things parents should not do when a child fails

by Mental Health Research Center Kolkata

Posted on November 4, 2017


Understanding the child is the most important duty for parents for a bright future. Not only physical health, but also mental health needs to be improved and it is the duty of parents to provide them with effective guidance. Every child has a sole personality, a very unique quality that will stick to the child in later life, or throughout the life.

The most effective way of providing proper parenting support is to watch and learn the child. Just like a fish in tank, we need to observe them in sleep, while they are eating, playing, what makes them angry, indoor or outdoor enthusiast. Not only that! After penning those down parents need to discuss them with a professional or trained child psychiatrist.

Today we will discuss

"Things Parents Should Not Do When a Child Fails"

1. Explain Disappointment Vividly:

Well, with any extremely powerful magical help parents cannot reverse what has happened. Your expectations are the expectations of your child. Instead of show vivid disappointment please treat them with love and explain in a language the child understands and provide positive support.

2. No Blame Game With a Child:

You may be expert in this but not with a child, right? Provide emotional support, sometimes children do have intention to fail, sometimes they do it unintentionally. When I was a kid, my parents tried to push me in top schools in Kolkata but they could not, because instead of completing questions I used to collect balloons, chocolates, talk to people and roam around the entire school building. It is true, believe me. I am a victim of miss-parenting. Please do not point your figure at your child.

3. Comparison is a no-no:

Are you kidding me? Please don’t tell me you do this to your child! Comparing to other successful and smarter children grows inferiority complex among your child and that initiate grudges towards friends, siblings and consequence can be very dangerous.

4. We knew it:

If you are thinking that just after failure you will be able to rectify the behavior of your child in no time by stopping few activities of your child, then you are wrong. Playing computer games, or watching TV as well as playing outside are required for your child, these help in development of mental health and reflexes and also improves your child’s social presence among all other kids. Not instead of stopping them, allocate a time and add some low end restrictions. Please do not ruin childhood of your child.

5. The winter is coming:

The fear named daddy is coming, this is a very common parenting formula. Do you know threatening you child evaporates the discipline and develops gangster in your child. It also spoils the relationship with the father. Handle everything by your own, take responsibility at your hand.

Anyway, spend time with your child as much as possible. Talk to them, listen to them, ignoring them is not a good idea at all, for more younger children maintain facial expressions to make them feel at ease with you. For any difficulty talk to a trained child psychiatrist in Kolkata, Book Your Appointment Here.